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Millie Mack’s Not So Mysterious Background

I grew up in a family that loved mysteries. We enjoyed everything from mystery stories, books, television shows and movies. And of course as with all mystery lovers our goal was to figure out whodunit before the solution was revealed. Is it any surprise then as a young girl, Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes ranked among my top reading picks and play time included enjoying the game of Clue and putting together jig saw puzzles.

As an adult, I continued to keep a copy Sherlock Holmes close at hand, but added Christie, Stout, Collins, Paretsky, Truman, Barrett, Allingham, Grafton, Fluke, Evanovich, and oh so many more! I still prefer to read books where there is a puzzle to solve rather than ones that simply tell a story.

Based on this background is it any wonder that I’ve always wanted to write a mystery. For years I kept a journal where I captured thoughts, developed characters, and started ideas for murder plots. Gratefully no one found my murder plot jottings and jumped to a wrong assumption as to my intent.

And now I’ve completed this life-long goal and finished my first mystery book called Take a Dive for Murder. Of course like most writers I relied on my past for inspiration. For example, I was born in Philadelphia, worked for many years in Washington, DC and now live near Baltimore. These three cities influenced me in creating my fictional town of Tri-City for the book.

I continue to write blogs and work on my second Charles and Carrie book with a couple of cats at my side for encouragement. After all, cats are very mysterious in their own way, but then that’s another story. There you have it! A little bit about me and my love of mysteries.

Mille Mack

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