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Take A Byte Out of Murder

The New Year Bells had barely finished tolling before murder strikes in the quiet beach resort of Pear Cove in this third book in the Faraday Murder Series.

Charles and Carrie Faraday discover the body of Ginny Ellwood only yards from their home in the resort community. Ginny is the fiancée of Norton, Carrie’s brother, and it isn’t long before police have him targeted as their prime suspect.

An overzealous chief of police has warned Carrie and Charles to stay out of his case. He personally knew Ginny and wants a quick solution to her murder to advance his political career. But this isn’t any case. The Faradays ignore the chief’s warning and start their own investigation. They need to figure out who murdered Ginny before Norton is charged.

Ginny was a popular girl—everyone liked her. No one would think she had an enemy in the world…but then, who murdered her?

Carrie and Charles discover that Ginny and Norton were growing apart. Were they just feeling wedding jitters or was it more serious? Ginny had changed recently and wanted time away from Norton. Based on her behavior Carrie believes she may have found someone else.

Carrie’s theory is supported when the police show the Faradays a man’s ring found under Ginny’s body. The Faradays track the ring to a local jeweler. When Ginny made the purchase she emphasized to the jeweler not mention the ring to anyone, especially Norton. The jeweler also had the impression the ring might be for an older man. Who is this older man and did Ginny’s relationship with him lead to her death? Were Ginny and Norton feeling the pressure from the merger of their fathers’ companies? The merger hinges on the introduction of a new medical software system designed to solve problems created by all the recent health care reforms. Could the development of the new software have caused a problem in the relationship? Is Ginny’s unusual interest in cracking the code for the new program the secret to solving the case.

Another clue is the scarf that was used to strangle Ginny. The Faradays think tracking the purchase of the scarf will lead them to the murderer. They start contacting locations that sell accessories and find where the scarf was sold. However, it seems the wives of most of the suspects purchased this same scarf. The list includes the wife and sister of the chief of police and even Carrie’s mother. Does this mean Norton had easy access to the murder weapon? The Faradays have spent a great deal of time following clues to establish a time line of where all the players were on the night of the murder. They hope if they discover a gap in the time line it will point to the murderer. Once all the names and times are filled in on their chart they are amazed to see that only one name emerges. Murders, blackmail, computer espionage—there are lots of clues to follow. And lots of red herrings to test the Faradays’ detecting skills before they are able to put all the puzzle pieces together.

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