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Take A Dive for Murder

When you receive a letter from a dead man asking you to investigate his death, it’s hard to refuse.

Carrie Kingsford finds herself in this situation after she receives a letter from noted investigative journalist—and old flame—Jamie Faraday. He requests that if he should die by something other than natural causes Carrie should investigate. Murder isn’t natural and Carrie finds herself knee deep trying to solve the crime.

Trouble starts right after the reading of Jamie’s will. Much to the annoyance of his family, friends and co-workers, Jamie leaves all of his writings to Carrie. Carrie believes Jamie left her his papers because he was working on a story. Will the information from his papers place Carrie in danger too? As Carrie sorts out the clues, the murderer is watching her every move. It isn’t long before Carrie is forced off an expressway, nearly nabbed in a parking lot, and chased after visiting the murder scene. And there is still more danger in store for Carrie and the Faraday household.

What could Jamie have been investigating that is causing so much mayhem? Can Carrie solve this puzzle before someone else is hurt or murdered? Join Carrie as she sifts through the clues and races to find the solution in Take a Dive for Murder.

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