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Take Stock In Murder

Genre: Cozy Mystery
By Millie Mack

{SPOILER ALERT: This may be too much information if you want to solve the mystery without any help}

Take Stock in Murder is the second book in the series featuring sleuths Carrie and Charles Faraday. In this book they have committed to marriage as well as to solving their next murder case.

The Faradays are today’s version of past sleuthing couples who put their heads together to combine wisdom and wedded experience to solve a complicated murder. And this time the murder they are solving is personal.

Todd Barrington, the son of a prominent member of the community and the Tri-County Country Club is murdered. Charles is worried that he may be charged. The night of the murder he had an altercation with Todd, protecting Carrie from his unwanted advances. The couple knows they need to find the murderer before Charles is arrested as the prime suspect.

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