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Take The Spirit Of Murder

Genre: Cozy Mystery
By Millie Mack

Carrie and Charles Faraday are looking forward to a much-needed vacation in this fourth book in the Faraday Murder Series.

They married late in life, but since their marriage, they’ve solved three murders. They met while searching for the murderer of Charles’s brother Jamie, then Carrie faced charges for the murder of the playboy son of a prominent family, and last summer the couple solved a murder that involved her father’s computer company. Now they’re ready for some relaxation and are deciding where they want to go on vacation.

While selecting reading material to take on their holiday, they get an unusual invitation from the owners of the Tri-County bookstore, Maddy and Marge. Their family owns a century old country inn with a rich history in the northern part of the state.

Perhaps because of all the history, guests have always reported seeing apparitions. Everything from Civil War soldiers in uniform to a woman dancing through the hallway. There are also unexplained sounds of music and mysterious voices.

These previously friendly spirits are causing problems. Guests are being told to “get out,” property is being destroyed and reservations and event bookings are falling. These incidents are having a financial impact on the bottom line. The sisters implore the couple to spend their vacation at their family’s Millford Manor to see if they can discover who is behind all these negative events.

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