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Take The Spirit Of Murder

Genre: Cozy Mystery
By Millie Mack

Carrie and Charles consider Maddy and Marge good friends and feel like they want to help. It’s a perfect situation. They can enjoy a holiday at the family inn and have the challenge of an intriguing puzzle to solve. The couple will be undercover with Carrie posing as a writer hired by the family to create a new marketing brochure. This will give her access to all the behind the scene locations.

Based on the original advertising brochure, the couple assumed the inn was an oversized bed-and-breakfast. They are both shocked and pleasantly surprised to find that Millford Manor is a large resort with several restaurants and multiple amenities. They’re hoping they can find a quick solution to the unwanted activity and then enjoy their holiday.

They meet the cousins of Maddy and Marge, who handle the day-to-day management: Beatrice, Albert and Elizabeth (Lizzie) and also Albert’s son, Ryan. They learn from them the incidents continue to escalate. This unwanted activity is happening when the Manor is in the middle of a massive construction project to add a conference center and other buildings to the property.

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