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Welcome to the Dark and Stormy Night Mysteries.

Whether you’re checking us out for the first time or are a regular visitor-- Welcome to Dark and Stormy Night Mysteries--the official web site for Millie Mack. We’re glad you found us!

I always love it when I hear or read the words “It was a dark and stormy night.” It means a mystery-a murder is on the horizon and soon I’ll be gathering clues and trying to solve the crime. So I was delighted when I was able to secure this phrase as the site name.

It’s a place where there’s lots of information about mysteries. Plus, periodically I’ll let you know what I’m writing.

Listed below are the different areas you might enjoy visiting while you are on the site:

  • Millie’s Bio—I would much rather talk about mysteries but I know folks like to know a little something about the author. As a result, I’ll reveal a few details about my not so mysterious past.
  • Millie’s Blog--Would you believe the blogs are all about mysteries? There’s information about authors, characters, types of mysteries and much more. And just for fun, test your mystery knowledge by
    trying one of our word search or crossword puzzles.
  • Millie’s Press Room—this section features the latest news
    about my mystery books and what I’m doing.
  • Follow Millie—sign up to receive the latest news and updates.

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to
chatting with you about mysteries.

Millie Mack

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