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Whether you’re checking us out for the first time or are a regular visitor-- Welcome to Dark and Stormy Night Mysteries--the official web site for Millie Mack. We’re glad you found us!

I always love it when I hear or read the words “It was a dark and stormy night.” It means a mystery-a murder is on the horizon and soon I’ll be gathering clues and trying to solve the crime. So I was delighted when I was able to secure this phrase as the site name.

It’s a place where there’s lots of information about mysteries. Plus, periodically I’ll let you know what I’m writing.

Listed below are the different areas you might enjoy visiting while you are on the site:
  • About Millie—I would much rather talk about mysteries but I know folks like to know a little something about the author. As a result, I’ll reveal a few details about my not so mysterious past.
  • Millie’s Blog-Would you believe the blogs are all about mysteries? There’s information about authors, characters, types of mysteries and much more. And just for fun, test your mystery knowledge by trying one of our word search or crossword puzzles.
  • Follow Millie—sign up to receive the latest news and updates and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to chatting with you about mysteries.

Millie Mack


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Books by Millie Mack

The first four books in the Faraday series. Click on a book title to learn about each book. If you would like to purchase any of the books click on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble links associated with each book.

  • Take the Spirit of Murder (Book #4 in the Faraday Murder Series)

    By Millie Mack

    Destructive incidents, ghostly sightings, and murder confront Carrie and Charles Faraday in this fourth book in the cozy mystery series.

    Carrie and Charles Faraday are looking forward to a much-needed vacation. They married late in life, and since their marriage, they’ve solved three murders.

    They worked together to find the murderer of Charles’s brother, Jamie. Then Carrie faced charges for the murder of the playboy son of a prominent family, and last summer the couple solved a murder involving her father’s computer company. Now they’re ready for some relaxation.

    While selecting reading material to take on their holiday, they get an unusual invitation from the owners of the Tri-County bookstore, Maddy and Marge. Their family owns an old country inn with a rich history.

    Perhaps because of all the history, guests have always reported seeing apparitions. Everything from Civil War soldiers in uniform to a woman dancing through the hallway. There are also unexplained sounds of music and mysterious voices.

    These previously friendly spirits are causing problems. Guests are being told to “get out,” property is being destroyed, and reservations and event bookings are falling. These incidents are having a financial impact on the bottom line. The sisters implore the couple to spend their vacation at their family’s Millford Manor to see if they can discover who’s behind all these negative events. The couple agrees to go uncover at the hotel.

    Are ghosts really causing problems at Millford Manor, or is there a human element the couple must uncover? They have barely started their investigation when the murder of the hotel’s event manager changes everything.

    The pressure is on the couple to solve the crime before someone else dies.

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  • By Millie Mack

    Murders, blackmail, and computer espionage—there are lots of motives for Carrie and Charles to test their detecting skills.

    The New Year Bells had barely finished tolling before murder strikes in the quiet beach resort of Pear Cove. Charles and Carrie Faraday discover the body of Ginny Ellwood only yards from their summer home. Ginny is the fiancée of Norton, Carrie’s brother, and it isn’t long before police have him targeted as their prime suspect.

    An overzealous police chief has warned Carrie and Charles to stay out of his case. He knew Ginny and wants a quick solution to her murder, and solving the case would also advance his political career. The Faradays ignore the chief’s warning and start their own investigation.

    Carrie and Charles discover that Ginny and Norton were growing apart. Were they just experiencing wedding jitters or was it more serious?

    Perhaps, the couple feeling the pressure from the merger of their fathers’ companies? The merger hinges on introducing a new medical software system. Was Ginny’s unusual interest in cracking the code for the new computer program the secret to solving the case. Recently, her feelings for Norton changed, and she wanted time away from him. Had she found someone else?

    Ginny was a popular girl who everyone liked. No one would think she had an enemy in the world, but she must have had one − the murderer. This murder hits close to home, and Carrie and Charles have to find the murderer before they formally charge Norton with Ginny’s murder.

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  • By Millie Mack

    It’s the Annual Oktoberfest dance at the Tri-County Country Club. Members and guests are sharing a fun-filled event until the discovery of a dead body puts a damper on the festivities.

    Charles and Carrie are today’s version of past favorite sleuthing couples who have joined in marriage and j oined their skills for solving crime in this second book in the series.

    While at the country club dance Carrie has a confrontation with Todd Barrington, the son of a prominent member of the community and Tri-County Country Club. Defending his wife, Charles socks him in the nose. However, the next morning they find Todd in the club’s library with more than a bloody nose—he has a bullet hole in his chest. And it isn’t long before Carrie is the prime suspect.

    Todd is a notorious flirt and suspected of many affairs with the ladies of the country club. Did one of them become jealous and seek revenge? Could one of the husbands have found out about his wife’s affair and murdered Todd?

    Carrie and Charles uncover something else about Todd. He had lots of money—much more than his salary from the family brokerage firm provided. Where did he get those additional funds and is the money related to his death? 

    Carrie and Charles know she’s being framed, but the evidence keeps mounting up and it all points to Carrie as the murderer.

    There is no shortage of suspects, but which one committed the murder? Will Carrie and Charles find the clues to uncover the actual killer before time runs out for Carrie?

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  • By Millie Mack

    When you receive a letter from a dead man asking you to investigate his death, it’s hard to refuse.

    Carrie Kingsford finds herself in this situation after she receives a letter from the noted investigative journalist—and old flame—Jamie Faraday. He requests that if he should die by something other than natural causes, Carrie should investigate. Murder isn’t natural and Carrie finds herself knee deep trying to solve the crime.

    Trouble starts right after the reading of Jamie’s will. Much to the annoyance of his family, friends and co-workers, Jamie leaves all of his writings to Carrie. Carrie believes Jamie left her his papers because he was working on a story. Will the information from his papers place Carrie in danger too?

    Initially, Carrie feels Jamie’s brother, Charles knows more than he’s telling and could be a suspect. However, she discovers they are on the same side and joins with Charles to solve Jamie’s murder.

    As Carrie sorts out the clues, the murderer is watching her every move. It isn’t long before he forces Carrie off an expressway, nearly nabs her in a parking lot, and chases her after she visits the murder scene. And there’s still more danger in store for Carrie and the Faraday household.

    What could Jamie have been investigating that’s causing so much mayhem? She knows Jamie left her the answer if she can just uncover it. Will someone else have to die before Carrie can solve this puzzle?

    Join Carrie and Charles as they sift through the clues and race to find the solution.

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About Millie Mack

Millie Mack’s Not So Mysterious Background

I grew up in a family that loved mysteries. We enjoyed mystery stories, books, television shows and movies. And as with all mystery lovers, our goal was to figure out whodunit before the author revealed the solution. Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie ranked among my top reading picks and for relaxation I enjoyed putting together jig-saw puzzles.

I continue to keep a copy of Sherlock Holmes close at hand, but I’ve added Stout, Collins, Rinehart, Sayers, Truman, Barrett, Allingham, Grafton, Fluke, Evanovich, and oh so many more! I still prefer books where there’s a puzzle to solve rather than ones that meander through a story without always providing a sense of closure.

Is it any wonder that I always wanted to write a mystery? For years I kept a journal where I captured thoughts, developed characters, and started ideas for murder plots. Gratefully, no one found these journals with my murder plots and jumped to a wrong conclusion of what I was planning.

I completed my goal when I finished, not only my first mystery book called Take a Dive for Murder, but continue to add books to my series featuring amateur sleuths, Carrie and Charles Faraday. Now I’m working on additional mystery stories beyond this first series. Keep checking the website for the latest updates on my writings.

While you’re visiting the website, be sure to investigate the blog section. You’ll find information about your favorite mystery authors and detectives along with the techniques they used to find a solution. Then challenge your knowledge about the genre by enjoying one of the word search or crossword puzzles.

There you have it! A little about me and my love of mysteries.

Mille Mack


Feel free to contact Millie Mack with any questions or concerns you may have.

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